Large format subway tile: A modern take on a historic classic

It’s everywhere. From bathrooms to restaurants, historic renovations, and even Goop’s retail space , subway tile is a staple of design. The traditional three inch by six inch tiles lend a classic look to many spaces, but that’s not where the magic of our subway tile ends.



While three inch by six inch field tile has experienced an easy assimilation into modern aesthetics, Heritage Tile has found a way to excite audiences with larger-format tile options. These options marry the historic quality of subway tile to the current standard  of large tile installations. 

Larger tile means smaller grout lines. Smaller grout lines means less bacteria growth, making this tile optimal for kitchens and bathrooms



Seen here with Marble Mosaics hex floor tile. 



Our larger-format six by nine inch tile allows you to update your space in a way that is timeless, authentic, and unquestionably modern. This proportionately larger tile manages to carry the charm of more traditional subway tile, in a way that is refreshing and contemporary. 


For an even more dramatic look, opt for three inch by twelve inch tile. This is one of the largest subway tile options available on the market and adds interest to any space. 



These large scale tiles are the perfect way to incorporate a classic elegance into spaces that previous felt dated. Never forgetting their roots, this tile maintains the historic width of the traditional three-inch by six-inch subway tiles. A nod to the past and a step toward the future. 



These tile options are just one piece in the comprehensive tile system that Heritage Tile offers. Our collections cover all of your tile needs. From field tile to trim to coves. This holistic approach allows you to seamlessly match up tile and easily personalize any space. 




While many companies offer tile solutions, Heritage Tile rejects today’s “cookie cutter” approach in tile-making. We adhere to the historic tile making standards that first put subway tile on the map. This generates tiles that are beautiful, authentic, and timeless every time.  


We have taken this respect for history and translated it into tile options that translate into any aesthetic vision.


Providing quality tile is what we do. Helping people create something beautiful is who we are. We are committed to preserving and honoring the origins of tile and are eager to help homeowners do the same. 

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