Meet the cottage-core tile of your dreams

With the recent emergence of the cottage-core aesthetic, there has never been a better time to get your hands on the Cottage Tile Series! This tile helps you create a space that screams “I make my own sourdough bread”. 


The cottage style was prominent in the 1920s through the 1940s. After the depression, there was a decreased interest in flaunting wealth and social status. America was healing and its inhabitants were forced to take a critical look at the things they owned and the value they placed on material goods. Because of this, there was an increased focus on simplicity in design. This was reflected in simple accents, light colors, and basic composition. 


The Cottage Tile Series mirrors these characteristics with tile that is soft in color but full of personality. The stained cracks within the glaze add character to the tile, and the soft pastel colors pair beautifully with floral accents. It maintains its vintage quality without feeling dated, making it compatible with a wide variety of aesthetic preferences. 



This  collection is commonly installed in a Flemish bond pattern. In this historic pattern, the tile alternates between three inch by six inch field tile and three inch field squares. This unique style creates an organic, simple look that adds interest to any space. The alternating sizes of tile in this pattern read sweetly in small spaces and are the perfect  compliment to the popular Farmhouse Chic aesthetic.


One of our most beautiful restoration projects using the Cottage Tile Series can be found in the Battery Maritime Building in lower Manhattan. You can find our gorgeous Victorian White tile in their newly renovated restrooms. Bonus points for spotting the offset pattern with six inch squares. Click here to see the blog 


From historic restorations in New York, to cozy cottages around the nation, our Cottage Series is a sweet treat given to us from simpler times that we want seconds of.  

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