The softer side of subway tile

If tile were tea, the Bungalow series would undoubtedly be chamomile. The epitome of charm and whimsy, this series is authentically rooted in the modest beach-house dwellings of California at the turn of the century.


The Bungalow’s simplicity was a refreshing alternative to the ornate Victorian designs of the time. Due to their stylistic appeal and ease to build, this style quickly captivated the nation. Many even consider this style of home to be a catalyst for the American Dream as these homes were affordable, beautiful, and made-to-last. 


One of the key characteristics of the Bungalow’s design, was that the materials were often locally sourced. This meant a bungalow in California would have a completely different look than a bungalow in Chicago. As popularity grew, the bungalow style began to take on various names and forms. Frank Lloyd Wright’s Midwestern “prairie homes” are actually a variation of a bungalow. 


  • One / One and a half stories
  • Low to the ground
  • Large, covered porch
  • Sloped roof
  • Dormers
  • Built-ins


In our quest to find the perfect glaze options for this line, we stumbled upon a vintage flea market. It was there we found beautiful Arts & Crafts era ceramic pieces and china ware. We sampled colors from our findings and developed shades that would become our Seafoam, Tea Rose, and Sunbeam glaze options . From there we applied a soft, satin finish to really bring the colors to life. It really doesn’t get more authentic than that.





The Bungalow Series pairs nicely with traditional Arts & Crafts mosaic floors. The two play off each other well with the soft colors of the Bungalow Series perfectly complimenting the eye catching details of the mosaic. 



Bungalow tile seen here with a Subway Mosaics Basketweave mosaic floor

This series reminds us to appreciate the simple things in life. Whether that be taking a little extra time in the morning to perfect your cup of coffee, or curling up with a good book during a storm. Its soft charm and gentle details bring a sort of warmth to any space. 


Reproducing authentic Bungalow tile is important to us. We strive to preserve the design of the bungalows from the past while updating glazes, finishes, and tile layouts to bring this authentic tradition into the present day.

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